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Hire us for sidewalk repair services in Springfield & Clifton Heights, PA

Sidewalks can deteriorate due to weather extremes and ordinary wear and tear. Take care of damage and address safety concerns by hiring Z-Cart Concrete and Masonry for the sidewalk maintenance work you need in Springfield & Clifton Heights, PA. We work with homeowners, business owners and apartment managers to repair areas of concern. Our team works quickly and efficiently and ensures that all work is done correctly to a high standard.

If you need sidewalk repair services around your property, call 267-597-7001 today.

Don't trip up on an uneven surface

Don't trip up on an uneven surface

Z-Cart Concrete and Masonry offers high-quality sidewalk repairs without cutting corners. We have experience fixing damage caused by:

  • Shifting and settling
  • Heavy foot traffic
  • Tree roots
  • Erosion
  • Aging

Our team can handle everything from small cracks to lifted sidewalk sections. Contact us now to schedule the sidewalk maintenance you need for safer walking.